Many people  who receive a copy of the Bible
lose interest in reading it after a short while

Many things in the Bible are  difficult for first readers

And this is why the idea of a Simple Bible came about: 
something  for first readers that would be easy to read.

Hopefully after reading the Simple Bible,  people will be more interested and better prepared to read the whole Bible

After each chapter of the Simple Bible, there is a little prayer, 
to link the chapter to ordinary life 

It is hoped that the whole of the Simple Bible, in Chinese and English, 
will be on the internet in a year or so. Most of the Old Testament is already there at

Recommended:  just one page a day.  Read it in the morning,
think about it during the day, read it again at night

Prayer before reading: 
Holy Spirit of God,
please help me understand what I'm about to read

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